Winter Fun

By: Kevin Hudson –

With snow coming so early this year many kids begin to complain of how there is nothing to do anymore. However, after interviewing students from different grade levels it becomes clear how many activities you can really do in the snow.

“Winter is my least favorite season, because I hate how there is nothing you can do,” says senior Toni Torchia.

All though it may seem like there is nothing to do there is. Many new activities actually open up for a limited time. If you are cold, do not let it ruin your day. When winter comes around you can go sledding , skiing, tubing, ice skating, play in the snow and sip hot chocolate with your friends.

For ice skating check out some local cool spots.  Ice Castle in Castle Shannon is a fun way to spend a winter afternoon. South Park offers classic outdoor skating fun that is inexpensive, and the downtown PPG ice rink offers a different urban feel for just a bit more money.

If you have never gone skiing or snowboarding before that is no problem, for an additional fee you can take lessons at Hidden Valley and Seven Springs. They have intermediate slopes along with expert slopes. If you really don’t want to go skiing or boarding, or don’t know how, tubing is another fun opportunity that Seven Springs offers.

After interviewing Meghan Shanahan, also a senior, she brought a new idea to the table. “On Sundays in the winter, if it is cold enough and snowy enough, they let the penguins out of their exhibits to run free throughout the zoo!

If you can’t make it to the zoo don’t worry, some of the best times you can have are in your own front yard just playing in the snow. You can make snow angels and build snowman, if you don’t feel like doing this then cuddle up next to a fire and drink some hot chocolate.

“Some of my favorite holiday memories are sitting next to the fire with my big sister and drinking some hot tea,” said Maura Bevan.

Another great thing about the winter is Christmas and New Year’s. These are times are high spirited attitudes and unbelievably giving. If you don’t want to be out in the cold but still want to out then go a local soup kitchen and help the people less fortunate.

Winter is a season where you have to look for the fun things to do, it can be a time of greatness or a time of weariness make it the best it can be.

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