Who is Rodney Rebel?

By: Zoe Baumcratz

Who is Rodney Rebel? A question that has been circulating the halls of Seton-La Salle since 2015 is about to be answered.

Rodney Rebel is the mascot of Seton-La Salle high school whose job is to spread school spirit throughout the school. Many people know him as the wild, exuberant soldier who is always lighting up the football games and pep rallies. However there is much more to our beloved mascot than pep and cheer.

According to Rodney Rebel himself, he was born around the time that the Declaration of Independence was signed. However, he made his debut appearance as we know him around 2015 and has been spreading joy ever since then. He is known throughout the school by all of the students and is loved by all.

When asked what their favorite thing about Rodney Rebel is, people said, “The passion that Rodney has for the school” and “The spirit that Rodney brings to the school.”

Rodney loves everything about Seton-La Salle but his favorite thing would have to be the Rebel Gear Shop. He also loves the joyous spirit of the bowling team. Even though football holds a special place in Rodney’s heart, due to his performance at the games, he was secretly rooting for the girls cross country team to win the Rutter cup a third year in a row. Even though these are Rodney’s favorite things about Seton-La Salle, he still cares very much about everything at Seton-La Salle.

While many people want to know the face underneath the mask, I thought that it would be more important for the students of Seton-La Salle to know who Rodney Rebel is as a person.

When asked who Rodney Rebel is, he answered with, “I’m actually kind of a homebody. People think I’m always really exuberant and outgoing or aggressive, but I’m pretty shy and mild-mannered.”

He claims he didn’t say his first word until he was 14 and that he loves to knit in his free time. He loves to drink Vlasic pickle juice. One of the lesser known things about Rodney Rebel is that he is actually pretty tired.

When asked what he does to prepare for a big game, he said, “Well see, a lot of people don’t know this but, before a game or appearance, I’m actually always asleep. So, the only thing I really do to prepare is wake up.”

He says that being the mascot makes him very tired and he tends to spend a lot of his time sleeping in order to make sure that he is fully rested for the big game. He said that one of the only things that he would do different would be to sleep more. He also wishes he would have gotten a parrot, claiming, “that would have been cool.”

Hopefully the spirit and joy that Rodney brings to the school will continue on for many years to come. The only questions left to ask is, Who is Rodney Rebel?


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