When We Grow Up…

By: Emily Nedzesky

In the third quarter of the school year, the topic many Seton- La Salle seniors are thinking about is what profession they hope to have some day and how they will achieve their goal.  Twenty three seniors were asked, in a survey, the following questions:  What profession do you hope to have someday; what is your motivation in choosing that profession; what kind of education is required; will the job involve traveling and, lastly, do they know anyone working in that occupation?

First, the profession each student was hoping to have someday was varied in response.  The most popular profession was a career in the medical field.  Next, was an interest in a business-related career, followed by some type of engineering.  The last category ranged from artistic professions to a career in journalism.

Students are motivated by a few factors when choosing their career paths.  The majority of students felt they were choosing their future professions because it would be personally rewarding.

For example, Emily Columbus stated, “I love taking care of people and animals.” She is planning to be in the medical field.

Students also said that they were choosing their profession because they felt they had a natural ability to perform the job.  In addition, a few students said that they were influenced by family members or someone they met in that field.

Results showed that most careers require four years of education.  Many students were hoping to go on to get their masters degree afterwards.  Some students were interested in the ROTC program while attending college.  A few were hoping to get a two-year associates degree.

Most Seton-La Salle students chose a job that does not require travelling.  Although seven out of 23 stated that they would travel in their jobs.

Peter Latorre said “If I do end up working for the government I would likely have to move to Virginia which is where the best jobs are for engineers in the government.”

Two students said that they would need to move out of the Pittsburgh area to find a job in their field.

According to responses from the survey, most students know someone working in the profession that they chose.  Out of twenty-three answers, nine students stated that they did not know anyone in the field they chose.

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