Welcome Coach Burkes

By: Hannah Warner – 

Seton LaSalle Catholic High School welcomes Jordan Burkes as the new head coach of the Lady Rebels Girls’ Basketball team. After speaking with Athletic Director Mr. Bill Dabaldo we were pleased to hear that the Athletic department here at SLS was very excited to be able to have Burkes join our school as head coach. Burkes has helped the team improve over the course of the season, pushing the girls to be the best players they can possibly be by instructing each girl how to use their unique strengths and talents. Burkes played at Seton Hill University.

Senior Savanna Carr said “The team had lost so many girls this year so everything was just as new to me as it was to the incoming staff” said Carr. She also stated that their new coaches did a good job helping them to bond as a team and work through the changes.

The girls basketball team has experienced many changes recently. Carr stated “Throughout my four years playing basketball here, I have had three different coaches. Each one has had a different style of coaching, but what I like about our new coach is that we have a good bond with her. We can have a hard practice but laugh during it with her, and it makes practice more enjoyable.”

The athletic department has received all positive feedback on the new head coaches position. They would also like to add: “Coach Burkes has done a tremendous job her first year and we are lucky to have her here at SLSHS.” said Dabaldo.

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