Walking Dead: Plot Holes Galore


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Before I delve into my annual Halloween Horror movie recommendations, there is something I need to get off my chest. I don’t like the Walking Dead… I think there are plot holes on plot holes on plot holes. I think people watch it because it has the potential to be good, like all of Season 1, but it has the potential to be really bad, like all of the farm in Season 2.

I’ve been binge watching the last 3 seasons on Netflix, and I have to say, I have amassed quite the collection of plot holes, anachronisms and non sequiturs for this show:

walking dead

  • Why does it never rain except for the time it was inconvenient to Rick?

  • Isn’t it kind of convenient that Rick and Shane are both police officers and deadshots?

  • Why are they acting like cars and gas are hard to find? If everyone is dead, can’t they syphon gas and steal cars, and not have to pay for gas at gas stations anymore?

  • The jail in season 3? Doesn’t that seem a little TOO perfect?

  • Daryl hunts food with the same arrows he kills zombies with? Even if that doesn’t infect them since they are all infected anyway, that is still unsanitary.

  • In season 2, which was supposed to be after 2010 (when the first episode with the apocalypse happened) Why are they driving a 2012 Hyundai Tucson?

  • Why do I hate Laurie so much?

  • Why are there massive 300 car pile-ups on the highway? Were the zombies driving?

  • Who is cutting the grass of the jail?

  • How do the zombies “smell” the survivors if the only organ that reanimates is the brain?

  • Why don’t they just call them ZOMBIES!?

  • If everyone is infected already, why do bites automatically turn you into a zombie? It doesn’t kill you.

  • Why should I care about the governor?

Zombie extra drinking bottled water

Zombie extra drinking bottled water


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