Volleyball(ing) with Personality

By: Toni Torchia –

The Seton- La Salle girls volleyball team currently holds a record of 6-1. Seeing statistics and even game play is one thing, however being part of a team, there are often things that others do not see in teammates.

This year there are six seniors that lead the volleyball team. They are Brianne Colligan, Juliana Ross, Lindsey Farley, Shelby Williams, Tia Torchia, and Toni Torchia. I asked the team to come up with one word they could use to describe each of the seniors personalities. Brianne’s adjective is positive. When it comes to Juliana, the team decided the best adjective to describe her personality would be bubbly. Lindsey Farley is often described as fun to be around. Senior captain, Shelby Williams, is described by her team as passionate in everything she does. Tia Torchia is known throughout the team to be the “mother” of our group. Lastly, Toni Torchia was given the “jokester” title throughout the team.

One quote that stuck out was junior, Laura Nath, describing the seniors relationship with each other. “When you put the six seniors in a room together you had better prepare yourself to laugh or be embarrassed. They’re a lot to handle but they are all so close.” If one takes the time to look into the personalities of the girls on the team, it would surprise most people.

When asked about the overall personality of the team, Shelby Williams stated, “The volleyball team is drama free and will always pick each other up on a bad day.”

Hearing this from a senior is common, but it was solidified when freshman Mia Marzina was asked the same question and responded with, “The team is very welcoming and encouraging. From the first day I was on the team I felt comfortable with every single one of the girls on it.”

The volleyball team is striving for the section title and hoping to get far in playoffs. Come support SLV and get to know their team better.

Editor’s Note: For more:  http://triblive.com/sports/hssports/volleyball/4746063-74/salle-seton-hitter#axzz2g0lFfS79


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