Verizon iPhone 4! Is it worth it?

Verizon finally has the iPhone 4, which was available for preorder February 3rd at 3 a.m. and will officially be in the hands of the users on February 10th. There was extreme hype for the introduction of the phone on Verizon. However, is the iPhone 4 really any better now that it’s on Verizon’s Network?

You can guarantee that the reception will be far better on Verizon in most cases, but does that mean it’s better than AT&T’s iPhone? I think reception is very important. However, when you compare what Verizon and AT&T offer you for the same iPhone 4, you might consider staying with AT&T or vise versa.

Verizon is known to have better 3G coverage throughout the United States, but unfortunately, not the fastest. Verizon offers speeds around 1.5 mbps download and upload. (Which is not slow, but not super fast either) AT&T, on average, offers speeds around 3 mbps or higher depending on your location. (This is relatively faster and helpful if you want to surf the web quickly while on the go) The downside with AT&T, however, is the national coverage. While its slower Edge network covers 97% of the nation, its 3G network only covers less than half of that. Those on AT&T can prove this is true, as they most likely have experienced a few dropped calls on the network. The company is continually expanding its 3G network and plans on having more coverage by the end of March.

The iPhone has been known for being able to do simultaneous voice and data on AT&T. The new Verizon iPhone 4 will, however, be lacking this feature since their 3G network does not support it. The iPhone is known to be a huge data-consuming phone and the lack of simultaneous voice and data is a definite downside for some users.

When deciding which network to get with your iPhone, it all comes down to personal preference. If you want speed and simultaneous voice and data while on the go, then check out AT&T. If you want great reception then go with Verizon. Just remember that AT&T’s network may not have coverage where you want to use your iPhone the most, and Verizon’s network is a tad slower and doesn’t offer simultaneous capabilities.

Which network would you choose?

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