Variety Show – 2015

By: Olivia Matvey –

Every year, the students of Seton-LaSalle put on their annual variety show. It is the chance for the students to showcase their talents outside of the classroom to the entire student body. Students may perform anything from dancing, singing, and playing instruments.

The 2015 Variety show took place last Wednesday night and during school last Thursday. The Variety Show always takes place during Catholic Schools Week.

The MC’s, who are, by tradition,  seniors, were Ryan Slagle and Joey Tongel.

Overall, the show went extremely smooth. The performers captivated the audience.

The singing acts ranged from solo acts, to duets, to group acts such as Trebels, the school’s a capella group. The first three performances of the show were solo acts by freshman girls. The Stuart sisters were among the acts who performed a duet. Nicole Colligan, Victoria McNemar, and Angelina Laudato performed the song, “Try,” by Colbie Callet. Kathrine Smith and Brendan Duffy sang while playing the ukelele.

The acts featuring instruments were spread throughout the singing acts. This year, there were more instrumental performances than previous years. Two acts were on the piano, both by freshman. Another act was on the Erhu, which was played by Yan Yu. This was the first appearance of the traditional Chinese instrument in any variety show.

This year, the variety show was bolstered by upperclassmen who are first year performers. Yan Yu and Rachel Graziano are juniors whose first performance took place this year.

To end the show, Christine Melick performed an intricate dance. Christine was the only dancing performer.

“All the performers did a fantastic job,” said Mrs. Avick, who helps coordinate the show.




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