Interview with Valedictorian: Nick Sywyj

Video By: Ryan Harrington
Article by: Forrest Kaib

It was a tight race this year for the award of valedictorian. A handful of seniors sporting high gpa’s each looked to win the award outright. However, to no one’s surprise, Nick Sywyj came out on top.

Nick Sywyj, was recently named the class of 2013’s valedictorian. Here at Seton – La Salle, Sywyj is involved in Football, Lacrosse, Student Council, and Campus Ministry.

Sywyj had this to say about the award, “Being named valedictorian is quite an honor, one that reminds me to be thankful for my God-given abilities, helpful teachers, and supportive family. I would also like to thank my classmates for four great years and wish them luck in the future!”

Sywyj is not shy to say that this award took a lot of hard work. He will be the first to talk about the countless hours he put in to ultimately win the award of valedictorian. With that being said, he did not win this award accidentally. Sywyj dedicated himself to being the best that he could be and in winning the award he accomplished that.

Sywyj, also had some choice words for aspiring valedictorians, “Be interested about what you’re learning, in doing so school will be easier and you’ll remember more of what you learned later on. Also, don’t make being first your number one goal; remember you’re in high school, so be a teenager and have fun on the weekends!”

Sywyj, arguably the smartest man in America, still is not satisfied with himself. Instead, he is setting higher goals for himself at the University of Notre Dame in the fall. Expect big things from him in the future. His unpronounceable, vowel-defiant name is one to keep tabs on.

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