Unwanted Clone

I have an unwanted clone. I’m one of her only friends (mostly because I feel bad that she doesn’t have many people who are kind to her) and it seems that she’s trying to be me. It’s really creepy. She’s buying my clothes and acting like me. I feel like I’m on an episode of Lizzie McGuire, jeeze. But regardless, it’s really freaking me out (kind of reminds me of that new movie—The Roommate) and I want her to stop. Now. How should I do it nicely?

Hey Dolly,
That’s tough & super shady, I agree. I’m happy that you want to handle this nicely and not be a wretch to this girl. For the time being, just try to take it as a compliment that she wants to be like you. If you want to get her to stop then you need to just politely put some space between the two of you. Don’t leave her stranded on Gilligan’s Island though. Try to introduce her to other people that she’s similar to. Then slowly change your style for the time being & pull away gradually. Eventually she should take to her new friends & then you can change back to your own style without being copied [by her at least] again.
Elizabeth La Salle

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