Types of People in the Classroom

By: Alexis Mueller

We see a lot of different people in all of our classes. However, I think we can all agree that there are a select few that we see more often than others. So, let’s talk about the different types of people that you usually see in classrooms. And maybe you can relate a little and rant and complain about it to your friends as you fail to realize that you fit fairly nicely into one of these tiny stereotyped boxes.

#1- The Know-it-All: This may be the most famous school stereotype of all. Every school, every classroom, every student knows someone like this. Not only does the know-it-all have the answer to every question, they sometimes feel the need to add extra information to the lesson! This kid also pulls one of the most classic yet slightly annoying bits in the book. “Oh my gosh! I bombed that test! I totally failed!” Then, when, the test comes back, they are shocked to see that they scored a big ol’ 100%.

#2- The Snack Attack: This is the kid who is constantly eating during class. And it doesn’t even necessarily have to be a snack. It could be anything from a bag of chips to a full 3 course meal. The point is, they’re eating. And it’s super distracting. I mean, it definitely bothers some kids, like the know-it-all, who when they are actually trying to pay attention, are having trouble concentrating because there’s a kid right behind them munching on a bag of veggie straws.

#3- The Classroom Clown: This is also a pretty classic category because every student knows at least one kid who instead of actually paying attention, are constantly trying to pull a practical joke. And there is a large spectrum of jokes that these students carry in their arsenal. Some of them, for instance, hiding other kids’ things, drawing a crude and mediocre anatomy lesson on your paper, and throwing things across the room. Remember kids, nothing goes airborne.

#4- The Sleeper: Every kid can relate to a time when you got a crappy night’s rest and you start to doze in class. And, under certain circumstances, that is perfectly acceptable. However, I think we all know that one student who apparently doesn’t have a bed in their house because everyday in class, they spend the whole time catching up on their beauty sleep. Now, these kids aren’t particularly annoying, and they can sometimes get a good laugh out of the rest of the class when a teacher calls them out of their stupor, and they have no idea what’s going on. While it’s always a good idea to get at least 8 hours of sleep, I don’t recommend catching some z’s in the middle of class.

#5- The Teacher’s Pet: Rest assured, as long as their are teachers in the world, there will always be that one student rushing up to kiss their butt. This is the kid that always volunteers to pass out the papers, brings the teachers treats, and can sometimes even be seen sticking around after class to have a little chat with the teacher and, I don’t know, exchange gossip? While these students can be very pesky, you can bet that you’ll see their face on the next picture for Student of the Month.

Obviously, there is no way to cover all of the types of students that you will see throughout your high school experience. But hopefully, this little article will give you something to relate to and maybe make it a little easier to bear these annoyingly stereotyped high school children. Because, as we’ve covered, they’re everywhere.

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