By: Brendan Duffy

Trebels, Seton-La Salle’s student run acapella group, held auditions to accept 12 new members in order to double in size and talent for next year’s International Competition of High School Acapella (ICHSA). After advancing to the semifinals of the ICHSA, the group decided they needed to expand to keep up with the flourishing acapella community.  

Acapella singing, the use of the human voice to replace all instruments and percussion, has exploded since media like Pitch Perfect and Pentatonix have become popular. Due to the passion of Senior Kailyn Martino and persuasion of her friends, a group of freshman in 2012 decided to bring this phenomenon to Seton – La Salle. Starting with just eight members, the group has more than tripled in the past four years. As the founders prepare for graduation,  there are concerns for the longevity and sustainability of the group. To ensure a bright future a dozen new singers, and their talents, have been welcomed.

Ever since their creation, Trebels has fought an uphill battle for respect and legitimacy. A group of eight underclassman took on the job of arranging, teaching, and performing acapella music without any outside help. They grew in size and skill and last year attempted to compete in their first ICHSA competition.

With the addition of a quarterfinal round, the group faces numbers and talent never seen before. To prepare for this challenging season, auditions were held to recruit underclassman to replace the 10 seniors that will be leaving this year. “There are some really talented people filling the shoes of the seniors and I trust that they will give their all to continue the success of Trebels,” says co-captain Brigid Stuart.

Leaving school at six in the morning, they traveled to Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan to compete against ten of the most skilled groups in the Great Lakes region. Captain Kailyn Martino tells how Trebels handled this experience, “I didn’t fully know what to expect. I was excited, and I think we did the best we could, but we were rookies last year.”

Being first year participants, they scored well and they hope to do even better with their new knowledge. “This year, we have grown in talent, size, and experience, and I fully believe we are ready to rival our best competitors,” confidently states Martino.

The seniors are somber about leaving their creation behind. Countless hours of practice and preparation have gone into making Trebels one of Seton-La Salle’s most prestigious clubs. This reputation has allowed the group to have a selective audition process. Stuart, a junior elected take over the position of Captain, explains the upcoming plans, “I absolutely think there is a future for Trebels. I love this group and I plan to do anything and everything I have to to make sure it remains a success.”


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  1. So happy Trebels is doing well! I’m honored that I helped to start this wonderful group. Best of luck this year!

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