Top 10 Christmas Movies of All Time

  1. Rudolph

One of Christmas’ key figures, and Santa’s main man, Rudolph, needs to help save the day one “foggy Christmas Eve” in order for the presents to be delivered. This movie show us the land of misfit toys, teaches us that everyone isn’t perfect, and the bizarre truth that bumbles bounce! This movie may be from the 60’s, but it is a timeless classic.


  1.  It’s a Wonderful Life-

In this timeless classic, you learn that you are never told old to believe in the Spirit of Christmas. A man faces a challenge everyone will face one time or another.  Do I really make a difference?  Would the world be better if I was never born?  This movie  shows how one life can really change another.  As a bonus it contains one of the most famous Christmas movie quotes ever, when the little girl says ‘Every time a bell rings, an angel gets it’s wings.”


  1. Fred Claus-

Fred Claus is a newer Christmas movie, but still makes this top ten by its abundance of good fun, and jokes that the whole family will love. Vince Vaughn  is Santa’s older brother, who comes up to the North Pole to work  because he is in debt. One thing leads to another, and Vaughn realizes that family is more important than money and success and oh yeah he gets the girl.


  1. Polar Express-

The Polar Express is another newer Christmas movie, but it really teaches you how to believe. The main character gets a ticket to go to the North Pole, and he discovers Santa is real. When Santa asks what he wants, the boy replies that he just wants to have one of Santa’s sleigh bells. He needed proof that Santa was real.  I think all people want to keep believing but as we grow older we have this need for proof.  The message of this movie is that belief comes from within and if you have it you do not need proof your heart  will always hear the bell ringing.  


  1. Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town-

Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town is my favorite animated Christmas movie ever, because it explains away all doubts surrounding Santa.  For example why we put stockings out and why Santa comes down the chimney. It also has the great song “Put one foot in front of the other”. which encourages everyone to keep on going no matter what.   I have so many memories from this movie and it is good for any age, especially older people who look to get their nostalgia on this Christmas.


  1. The Santa Clause-

The Santa Clause is one of those movies that you love more and more every time you watch it. The funny cast, good effects for that time, and just an all around good time. Also, a love story begins to develop, and who doesn’t love a good Christmas love story.


  1. Home Alone-

Home Alone was my FAVORITE Christmas movie as a child. The amount of goofiness and immaturity makes it the perfect movie for people ages 7-12, and it is still great for a teenage boy (Being goofy and immature).


  1. Elf-

When I think of Elf, it can be compared to Home Alone, but for teenagers and adults. Will Ferrell is the main character and he does what Will Ferrell does best. He makes people laugh. Ferrell’s quest to find Santa is one of the weirdest, yet hilarious, paths ever. Watching this movie is a sure way to put a smile on your face.


  1. Christmas Vacation-

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation has always been a long time favorite to me. It shows a family that appears crazy at first… and they never get sane. This movie points out certain aspects that every family has, in a fun-loving way.


1.A Christmas Story-

In my opinion, A Christmas Story is one of the best movies created EVER in History. It shows off a common middle class family that you can easily connect to. You see that every family has a few weird quirks about themselves, and that every family is just plain weird when they are together. Because of this, A Christmas Story is the best Christmas movie you can watch over this break, and it is even a better experience watching it with your

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