The Students Who Stand Alone

By: Julia Parker

On Friday nights students gather at football games to cheer on their team, but at Seton LaSalle they don’t do it together. It’s typical for high schools to sponsor a student section or a section of the stands where students gather and collectively cheer on their team. However, during this 2017 football season underclassmen have not been standing with their student section, but rather they’ve been standing on the fence or sitting in their own little clusters.

In an interview Sophomores Luke Manion and Jon Weir were asked whether they specifically choose not to stand with the students or if they just found themselves on the fence. They said “I choose not to. The student section is very crowded and loud. I like to talk at football games but the student section is too loud to carry on a conversation.”

Weir and Manion were also asked about the theme and why they would support the theme when they have no plans to be with the student section, the chorus responded,”I like dressing in the theme because it’s fun and just in case [I’d like to stand with the student section]”

Manion was then asked whether he had stood with the student section in the past,”I stood last year for the first game and it was really fun.”

As a follow up they were asked what had changed this year and Weir said,”It’s just annoying. The upperclassmen are jerks.”

Overall they agree that their main reason for standing on the fence is,”I go not to watch the games I go to talk with my friends and the student section is full of people who want to watch the game.”

The students interviewed above where Sophomores and have had previous experience with the student section, but for freshmen the problem may lie in ignorance. Freshmen Dynasty Shegog, Peter Kutschke, and Brandon Haas were asked about their knowledge of student sections. When asked if they knew about student sections they said they did. Then they were asked why they choose not to stand with the students Dynasty said “I can’t see and I get tired.”

They were then asked if they knew what a typical student section looked like and the typical cheers. Kutche said, “Yeah I know ‘You can’t do that!’”

Finally they were asked if freshmen should be told about student sections in the new Freshmen Academy program and Haas replied, “Yes, we really need to learn about school spirit and know what is means to be a Rebel.”

This dilemma isn’t just for the students, however, it’s also affecting the cheerleaders. Senior cheerleader Dani Butler was asked about how the students on the fence affect the cheerleaders and she said, “Our coach gets really mad and they cover all of our signs which took a really long time to make. Sometimes they even rip them.”

When asked about the rules regulating talking with other students during the game Butler said,”We’re not aloud to talk to anyone behind the fence and they try to talk to you and it makes it hard because you don’t want to be rude.”  

This dilemma changes drastically from student to student when they explain their own reasons for separating themselves, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly why this is happening. However, generally speaking, a lack of sound leadership and attentiveness has lead to this class division within the student section. In spite of this the student are still spirited and wish the team good luck as the charge through the playoffs.  


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