The Rutter Cup- Putting the Student back in Student Athlete

By: Faith Kisker –

For years, our school has excelled at sports and other activities, but, could we say the same for those participants academic achievements? The answer to that question concerned Mr. Joyce, Mr. Rutter, and Mrs. Martin. They needed to do something, and they needed to do it fast, if they were going to save student athletes’ reputations. So, the 2.0 GPA requirement was put in place.

Yet, they still felt like they needed to do more. They needed to reward their students for their hard work and further explore the concept of what it means to be a student and an athlete.

Thus, the Rutter Cup was born. The Rutter Cup awarding is based on four factors: Attendance, GPA, discipline, and community service. “It was rewarding for me, as I handle a lot of disciplinary and attendance issues at this school, when there is a problem. But, collecting the data for this program, I really appreciate how successful our students really are,” says Mr. Joyce.

There is another component to it as well, explains Mr. Joyce. Mr. Rutter has served at this school faithfully, in a number of positions, for many years. He has also been the “school’s biggest supporter” and a passionate student athlete advocate. He wanted to find a way to recognize and honor Mr. Rutter, and a big gold cup dedicated to him and what he was passionate about, seemed perfect.

“It’s not just about rewarding our athletes for scoring points, and getting your banner, it’s about GPA and attendance and following the rules….Colleges don’t just look at ‘Oh you scored 20 points’, they look at ‘Why did you have 30 absences?’ and then they can’t accept you….The Rutter Cup is really about investing in the futures of our students,” Mr. Rutter explains.

On Wednesday, November 25th, the winner of the Rutter Cup was to be announced. Though many teams were highly successful, only one could win. Heads snapped back and forth and whispers back and forth as the ceremony went on. Would it be the Boys Golf team with the best attendance? Or the Football Team with 12 players who had perfect attendance? Or would it be Girls Golf Team with no disciplinary points? Or the Competitive Dance Team, who also had no disciplinary points? Or would it be the Girls Cross Country team, who had an average weighted GPA of 3.77 and 11 girls with perfect attendance? Drumroll… the Girls Cross Country Team is a finalist for the first Annual Rutter Cup! Congratulations, girls!

Fall Sports Slide Show from SLSHS RebelReport on Vimeo.

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