The Rivalry Continues…

By: Kaylee Russman

With a big start to the new year, the girls’ basketball team took home the win against one of their biggest rivalries this season due in part to their ability to work well under pressure. Ending with a tight score of 43-38, our very own Lady Rebels defeated Brentwood, releasing all of the pressure off their shoulders.

This was a big game for Brentwood native Alayna Ziegler. Ziegler ended with 12 points, 2 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals. Ziegler would be attending Brentwood if she didn’t have the opportunity to go to Seton and she had to fight through that tension in the gym. “I don’t regret going to Seton and not Brentwood,” said Ziegler. “I would not want to be playing with anyone else, I love my team and they have become family to me.”

Adding on to the already developed tension, freshman starter Meghan Dryburgh was going up against her sister who plays for Brentwood. Dryburgh’s sister is a senior at Brentwood and they faced each other in the tip off. “I couldn’t wait to play against my sister,” said Dryburgh. “I counted down the days for this game ever since the first day we got out schedule! I was so excited and nervous at the same time because this was a big game for me and Layni. We both came from this community and I especially wanted to beat my sister. Winning was amazing.”

Dryburgh ended the game with 6 points, 2 offensive rebounds, 10 defensive rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals, and 6 blocks. She really did leave it all on the floor, along with the whole team during the last couple of minutes. “Making our foul shots helped us dominate the last couple of minutes,” said Dryburgh. “Alyssa Pollice helped us lead the game by one and after Brentwood fouled me twice, my four foul shots helped seal the win. Besides foul shots, we stayed focus and calm throughout the whole game and that especially helped us win.”

Overall, the effort from everyone pulled out the win. This game really showed how well they can play under pressure. Especially in the last couple minutes, which resulted in two blocks from Ziegler and Dryburgh to end the game. “We definitely knew at that point the game was over.” said Ziegler. “We knew they wouldn’t get another opportunity to score.”

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