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By: Henry Caparelli –


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Well, here we are. The end of the line. An entire chapter of our lives has closed and the day that most of us has dreaded has arrived; the day we grow up.
High school can be a lot of things to a lot of different people. For some it is fun, for others incredibly painful. For a lot, however, it’s just passing time until we can start our lives. Some are just not cut out for high school. The odd balls, the ones that follow a beat to a different drum. They’re the kids that often surprise everyone and go on to become some of the best.

This place is where we made lasting friendships, gained life-changing knowledge, even fell in love for the first time. How can anyone just disregard that? Yes, we want out and we’re scratching at the front doors like house broken puppies trying to get out to play in the yard. However, as much as we hate it, we are definitely not the same people we were four years ago. So we owe it to this four year blip in our lives to that. We’ve all matured and grown more responsible (some more than others unfortunately).

Like it or not we are all at a crossroads. For the first time in our lives we have the power to say what we want to do. To follow our hearts and do what we feel is right. Whether that’s being a teacher, a nurse, joining the military, or even becoming a nosy reporter. This is it. It’s our time and we can do what we wish with it. So don’t squander it away.

You can be scared. In fact, it’d be shocking if you weren’t. Questions run through our minds all the time, “What is this is a mistake?”, “Where am I going to be in ten years?”, “Can I make the cut?”. And really the only way to answer these questions is to wait and see where your life takes you. We all make mistakes so go ahead and take some risks. Make a wild gamble. Live.

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