The Freshman Mixer

By: Carson Hohos –

On Saturday, September 15, 2012 the annual freshman mixer took place. The dance was held from 7:30 until 10:00 p.m. in the good old Seton- La Salle cafeteria. There was dancing, lights, a DJ, refreshments; the whole nine yards. This annual get together is held in order for the freshmen to mingle with each other and get to know their classmates while having a fun night at the same time.

I talked to a freshman cheerleader named Sam Hurley and here’s what she had to say about the mixer:

Q. What were your thoughts on the freshmen mixer?

“It was really fun and actually got me a lot closer with a lot of the other freshmen.”

Q. So it sounds like it was even better than you expected it to be.
“Yeah it was a lot better than I expected. I thought it would be awkward and we would all  just sit around but everyone danced with everyone!”

I also talked to another freshman named Mike Lamendola. These were his answers to my questions:

Q. What were your thoughts on the freshmen mixer?
“I thought it was a good opportunity for kids coming into the school who didn’t know anyone to meet new kids while having a good time.”

Q. Was the mixer better than you expected? About the same? Worse?
“I had average expectations. Although I will say the freshmen class needs to learn how to dance.”

It seems like almost everyone in attendance had quite the enjoyable time. You could tell the student council members that were there, and even some of the teachers had an entertaining night as well.

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