The Case For Donald J. Trump, Part 2— Immigration

By: Jerome Wassel

Welcome to part two of my writings on the benefits of a Donald J. Trump presidency. Hopefully you’ve read my previous editorial. If not, I very much encourage you to do so. As you might have been able to assume, this piece will be focusing on the Great Wall of America (but not really).

Immigration is also one of the great issues of the election. I’m sure by this point, everyone is aware of Trump’s position on our border security. Build a wall, make Mexico pay for it. I’m going to speak about this first before getting into the non-wall related portions of his reform. Some in our nation should like to believe that the Mexican government will pay for this directly. While this is a possibility–and is, in fact, the preferred possibility— the actual plan is to impound remittance payments made by illegal immigrants back to family and friends in Mexico, or other foreign countries. 24.5 billion dollars is sent back yearly to Mexico from America by Mexican nationals. Now, let us be ‘nice’ and presume only half that number is from illegal immigrants. That leaves us with 12.25 billion dollars. Keeping in mind that that is only from -Mexican- nationals, and not other Latinos, that still leaves us within Trump’s own estimate for the wall– 10 to 12 billion dollars. Of course, if you actually read that article, you’ll come to understand that it is estimated that it will cost us closer in the realm of 25 billion. Which means two years of remittance impounding. Which is not Trump’s plan. He would prefer Mexico makes a one-time payment for the wall in order to continue receiving their illegal economic boost. If that’s the plan though, where does the other 13~ billion dollars come from?
The loss of illegals. Illegal immigrants cost the United States anywhere from 80 to 113 billion dollars a year. So how do we get those illegal aliens out of our nation? Aggressive deportations, which is the other part of Trump’s plan that is not often spoken of. Our nation’s catch-and-release program will be terminated, and those caught crossing illegally will be detained until they are deported. Criminal aliens will removed on ‘day one’ (which, understandably, might actually take two days) and sent back to their nations. Sanctuary city policies will be ended, in the same way the drinking age was raised. All of Obama’s executive actions on alien amnesty will be terminated, and the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will be tripled. Visas to nations where proper vetting is impossible– I.E, nearly the entire Middle East– will be ended until proper mechanisms can be put in place. We will enforce policies that ensure illegal aliens are sent back to their countries of origin. Perhaps most importantly, we will be making a big, beautiful door in our big, beautiful wall. Trump wants to see our immigration laws reformed to help our absolutely broken legal immigration and citizenship process. Increasing the number of ICE agents will help to facilitate this, alongside streamlining the system for those who want to come to our nation to help make it great (again).

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