The Academic Games Team Needs Your Help

You’ve probably never even heard of Academic Games. Academic Games is a club in which members go to competitions where they participate in games that test abilities and require strategy. There are six different competitions throughout the year, culminating in the National Tournament in April. This year Nationals are in Orlando, Florida. To qualify for Nationals, an individual must attain a certain score in a game.

This is the first year Seton has had an Academic Games team. Moderated by Mr. Schrader, the team is still very small. However, as a whole the team has done very well, and a few individuals in particular have stood out. Junior Connor Hayes and senior Jon Kotek have both qualified for the National Tournament. The only problem here is that a trip to Nationals costs about $600 per person, and the school can’t provide financial help. To send Connor, Jon, and Mr. Schrader to Florida, it would cost $1,800. These are two very deserving students who’ve worked hard for this, and Mr. Schrader has worked equally hard to help us all out. I would hate for them to be unable to go because of the high cost. As Jon says, “We’re trying to come up with new ideas for fundraising. It’s a lot for us to participate in Nationals. I wish they’d at least give a dress down day for us.”

To help lower the price, there will be an on-going bake sale in Mr. Schrader’s room, everyday. So far there have been several different types of cookies, all of which I can say with total honesty were delicious. Rice Krispie treats will also be available soon. Stop into Room 310 in between periods to purchase some treats- all the money will go to help send the boys and Mr. Schrader to Florida.

UPDATE: Senior Michael Brust has also qualified to go to Florida. Congratulations, Mike! To everyone else: thanks for your support so far, and please keep buying cookies.

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