The 5 Most Annoying People in the Hall

By: Max Pikras

Photos by: Brianna Sarasnik, Lexi Cipcic, Gabriela Nemeth

In every high school, there are students who can be more annoying than others at very crucial parts of the day. For just about any student in Seton-La Salle, the hardest part of the day can be simply getting to your next class. Even with 5 minutes between classes, most students barely make it to their next class without having to get a late slip or to be written up for detention. Also, in such a short time frame, it is very easy to get aggravated and stressed out. This is something that any student could live without during their day. The main reason that most students are late to class other students. There are always the people that have to say hi to everyone, clump together in the hallway, walk as slow as possible, stop randomly without any indication of doing so, and the students that carry everything in their backpacks. Without these students, the day would be a lot less stressful and hardly anyone would be late. But, because these students will be there no matter what, being able to point them out could be a very useful skill that one could have in order to avoid such people. For those students who have a harder time finding these types of people, allow me to describe them for you, so that, you may have an easier, less stressful time during your day.

The Kid That Says Hi to Everyone: This is the type of person that feels that they know everyone on a friendly, personal level and feel that it is necessary to take the time, out of their day, to say hi and other things to literally everyone they see. These are the type of people that feel that everything they are saying is important, and you can’t live without it. Simply put, if there is ever that one person that you just don’t want to see, it is probably this type of kid. This student is often avoidable because they stop to close talk at one of their many BFF’s.  Keep alert and pass them when the opportunity arises.

The Clumpers: These types of students feel that is a good idea to mash together against a locker or classroom door in packs of 5-20. This makes it very difficult to move through the hallway, mainly because there is another group of students doing the same thing on the other side. One can only wonder why these students feel that this is a useful activity, but it is definitely not worth trying to figure out. The best way to avoid groups like these is to simply get through the hallway before a large enough group of clumpers forms, which is generally within 5 minutes of a final bell.

The Slow Walker: We have all encountered this type of person in the hallway at one time or another. This person either has a short distance to go and feels like taking their time or he/she feels that moving is too difficult and it may be easier just to slide their feet as long as possible. It is amazing that they don’t fall over. The worst place to encounter a slow walker is in the stairwell, which is already as narrow as it could possibly be. The best way to deal with the slow walkers is too simply push by them, without looking back. This is the simplest way to avoid the slow walkers, without getting too aggravated.

The Random Stopper: We all wonder sometimes what makes a student stop randomly, without any warning, in the hallway. For some reason, a few students prefer to walk a few steps and then completely stop and stare at the first shiny object that they see. When it comes to the random stoppers, other students must be aware, so that, a collision can be avoided. There is nothing worse than running to your next class, and colliding with someone that doesn’t have a care in the world. While you’re trying to pick up your papers and books, the random stopper has now moved on to his/her next big adventure; possibly tracking a stink bug or staring out a window.

Mr. Ginormous Backpack: When it comes to climbing up the stairwell, the last thing that you would want to happen is to be taken out by that small kid with the backpack that is 3 times his/her size. In most high schools, including ours, lockers are available to students and are to be used, so that the students will not have to carry every book in their backpacks at once. That being said, there is no reason for a handful of students to pack everything humanly possible in their backpack. If a teacher tells you that they will tell you when you need to bring the 20 pound, 1000 page book to class, it is probably best to leave it in your locker. The only purpose that this book serves in your backpack now is to take out the kind, innocent person trying to make it up the stairs. While most students understand the purpose of the locker, others feel it is necessary to carry all 12 books, 17 notebooks, 5 boxes of chocolate and 20 boxes of girl scout cookies everywhere they go. The best thing to do would be to let this person go, and then give them room, so that, if they do fall, which is highly probable, they will hopefully take out the people behind you, while you walk effortlessly up the stairs.

In conclusion, finding your way through high school hallways, especially Seton’s, is very difficult. With the 5 minutes that we are given, it seems that we should be able to make it to every class, no matter what. As good as 5 minutes seems, possibly 7 minutes would be more appropriate. This could relieve the pressure off of a student when he/she is trying to get to his/her next class. Students need that time to relax and prepare for their next class, and also, it could help the students to avoid the people that say hi to everyone, the clumpers, the slow walkers, the random stoppers, and even the ginormous backpacks in the hallway.

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2 comments to “The 5 Most Annoying People in the Hall”
  1. I must say that this is the truest thing I have read in a while. Even with such a small student body, the urge to beat down these annoying people is nearly insatiable. The worst are doubtlessly the slow-walking clumpers, and I have a secret desire to see one of those ginormous backpacks rolling down the stairs…

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