Stations of the Cross Workout

By: Gwyneth Loughran

Video by: Grayson Kisker

Throughout the Lenten season, Catholics from all of the world are giving things up in preparation for Easter. Rebel girls’ basketball and lacrosse are participating in this tradition, though a Stations of the Cross workout.

Seton-La Salle Girl’s Lacrosse Challenge Program from SLSHS RebelReport on Vimeo.

Sports Leader, a Catholic virtues based sports program, approached the basketball and lacrosse teams to participate in the Stations of the Cross challenge. Sports Leader, the sponsor of the challenge, is working on instilling, virtue, mentoring ceremony, and Catholic identity within our sports team. Seton-La Salle has been working with Sports Leaders this year to strength the athletes physical and spiritual connection with God.

This workout consists of praying a station then doing some form of exercise along with it. For example, a plank for the third time Jesus falls. This helps increase spirituality and reinforce understanding of the passion within sport workouts, and give the team a small portion of the physical aspect of Christ’s struggle.

Senior, Madalena Psillidis, says, “It really made you think about all the sacrifices Jesus made for us and get in touch with our religion instead of solely focusing on basketball. It was definitely effective it gave us a purpose for what we were doing.”

John Chick, a professional football player who has played for Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Saskatchewan Roughriders, and currently Hamilton Tiger-Cats, is challenging all Christians to take up this challenge. The goal is so that every Catholic school sports team takes it up.

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