St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2014

Article By: Nick Diliscia and Joe Mitchell-

The Seton La-Salle band took part in the annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade which took place in downtown Pittsburgh on March 15th, 2014. Seton La-Salle band teacher Mr. Michael McNulty and a few chaperones took around 60 members of the band to participate in the parade. Mr. McNulty said it was a good turnout and an excellent parade overall despite the cold temperatures.

McNulty said “Even after taking part in the parade for around 27 years,”  he still, “enjoys seeing the crowds the most.”

Mr. McNulty and the band got to see a lot of those spectators during their two mile march through town as their music roared. Mr. McNulty and the Seton La-Salle band had a long morning spending close to four and a half hours preparing, participating, and putting their equipment away before dispersing. The band will now be preparing for the upcoming Spring Concert and the annual Band Trip.

Not shortly after the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade the Seton la Salle band students vote to take its  annual band trip to Virginia Beach on May 1th.  Approximately 25 band students will be leaving midday on a coach bus and will be heading south to Virginia beach for this years band trip.  On the trip they will be planning on going to the Boardwalk, the beach, fancy dinners, and the Chesapeake Bay.  They will also be planning on meeting other band students from different school last year.  Mr. Mcnulty says it will be more relaxing this year as opposed to last years trip to Disney Land but it will still be just as fun.  They will be planning on returning May 4th after a fun and relaxing trip,


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