Spirit Week

By: Anastasia Johnston

Spirit Week, an honored tradition here at Seton LaSalle High School, kicked off yesterday,  October 3rd, with a series of themed dress-down days that lead up to our Homecoming football game, the girl’s powderpuff game, and then the Homecoming Dance. An entire school week is dedicated to dressing in fun themes, in order to represent unity in our appreciation for the school and all of its aspects.

In order to build the excitement, the Student Council has fun in deciding themes for every dress-down day of the week. This week’s themes are Pajama Day, Twin DayDay, Neon Day, and Green and Gold Day. A very involved and outgoing Junior, Glen Brown stated, “The themed dress-down days show off who we are, inside and outside of the community.”

No matter the themes picked for the week, one dress-down day remains the same every single year, and that is Green and Gold Day. This day is always on the Friday of Spirit Week, and students are encouraged to exhibit their school pride by dressing down in SLS (Seton- LaSalle) gear, and/or our school colors. On this Friday, the school holds a pep rally to gather all students in the gymnasium at the end of the day. Liz Farnan, a Senior described the occasion as “an opportunity to unite the school and convey our Rebel pride, encouraging the student body to engage in our school activities..”

Our Dean of Students/Assistant Principal, Mr. Michael Joyce, responded about the importance of Spirit Week, “It is important because it really promotes the school community, and gets our students excited for the Homecoming weekend ahead of them.” Joyce then continued, that Spirit Week helps to bring attention to the construction of our building, along with the strong bond of community within it.

An important concept of Spirit Week is getting the Freshman class involved and excited for their high school experience. With the help of upperclassmen, along with all  who participate in the pep rallies and announce/introduce activities, the underclassmen get a better idea of all that our school has to offer them. Sophomore Julia O’Rourke, stressed the significance of this notion, stating, “It is important to show our enthusiasm towards our school and the multitude of opportunities that we have to offer, in order to help the Freshmen get more involved.”

Not only was Spirit Week brought about to celebrate the successful accomplishments of our school, but it also provides enthusiasm for the Homecoming weekend that follows. Friday, October 7th, is our Homecoming Varsity Football Game. It will be played at Thomas Jefferson, starting at 7:00 against Deer Lakes High School. Football games are a great social event and give you the opportunity to dedicate a night to rooting for our football team.

Following the Boy’s Varsity Football game on Friday Night, Saturday the 8th, a Girl’s Powderpuff Football game will be held on Merrick Field. This year, the members of Student Council helped to organize it. This flag-football game is a high-intensity match between the Junior and Senior girls. Ms. Choura is in charge of coaching the Junior Girls’ team, while the coach for the Senior Girls is yet to be determined. Abby Bender, a Senior this year, stated, “The Powderpuff Game is a really good time for all of us to come together and have fun. Everyone gets pretty competitive but it’s all in good fun. Our class is ready to seek redemption after a tough loss last year. As for its contribution to Spirit Week, I feel that it really adds to the overall fun and energetic atmosphere of the week as a whole.”

Following the Powderpuff football game, Seton LaSalle’s Homecoming Dance will be held in the Westin Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh, on Sunday, October 9th. It’s a fun gathering and a great chance to get to mingle with members of the school that you may not see on a daily basis or have classes with.

Spirit Week and Homecoming activities are just a few events that provide excitement in our transition into a new year at Seton-LaSalle, while dedicating days to portraying the immense Rebel pride that we have present within our community.

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