Spiderman on Broadway

Photos By: Mrs. Parker
Article By: Ali Schanck

In New York City, on senior trip, I was lucky enough to go see the Broadway musical, Spiderman. Yes, I know what you’re thinking and no, Spiderman did not fall out of the air into the audience like he did at other shows. There were a few things that I thought could have been better. I wouldn’t say it was entirely the biggest musical flop in history, but I can see where people could get that.  For example, the singing in the musical wasn’t on key. But I can understand why, they are on their fourth Spiderman and second Mary Jane.  Spiderman was played by Reeve Carney and Mary Jane was played by Jennifer Damiano. Overall I think they did well, but not when they sang a duet with each other.

The plot was another weak spot. I didn’t really think the musical had a concept. We were kind of left hanging.  It felt like it wasn’t finished and it wasn’t the Spiderman I remember from growing up.  John Tucker said in class that the second half of the musical was based off of the comic book, and not the movie. Since I haven’t read the comic book, I can’t back him up on that, but it makes sense when you consider how the first half and second half didn’t seem to go together.

Even though it did have some minor issues, I still did like it. For one, I thought the sets were absolutely amazing. The spider web was especially beautiful! The spider was played by T.V Carpio and I thought she did very well. Her spider costume was crazy! I also liked how the spiders on stage were dancing in stilettos, I don’t actually understand how that had anything to do with Spiderman, but I thought it was entertaining. Additionally, I LOVED how Spiderman flew through the audience! Now I understand how he literally fell into someone’s lap in earlier shows! But that didn’t happen! I’m glad because each time all of the Spiderman’s went to fly around I was very nervous! Overall I think the flying really made the show! Even though Spiderman had some flaws, it turned out to be not too bad. I just think it was made out to be something more and that’s why some people are disappointed. But hey, either way, I got to see Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark the musical on Broadway in New York City, with my classmates – how cool is that?!

Quotes from a few students who saw Spiderman:

Melissa Gagliardi: “I didn’t really like Spiderman; I thought it would have been better. But I did like all the flying acts and the backdrops.”

David Faust: “I thought it was really cool how everything was set up and how the buildings changed. I liked how it looked like the comic book. But the downside was that it was too long.”

Jillian Schepis: “The scenery was amazing, the best I have ever seen but the plot wasn’t well- developed and you could tell the actors weren’t well rehearsed because of so many replacement needing to go in.”

Ben Nath: “The high flying action was mesmerizing, I was really interested in it.”

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