SLS Men’s Lacrosse

By: Cory Smiegelski

At the beginning of the year, the Rebels were just hoping to improve on a 0-13 season from last year. They did more than that; shocking their opponents, and themselves with the skills they learned this season. Going into the last week of the season, the Rebels are 5-9 and had the opportunity to be even better than that. Three of the losses they have suffered have been by one or two goals only. This year’s team, led by Coach Josh Kurz, and Senior Captains Jon Kotek, Cory Smigielski, Chris Vaughan, and Mike Brust, look to finish the season strong with two battles against North Hills and Baldwin.

No team would survive without being able to work together, and this is what makes SLS the team they are. They make up for lack of experience with teamwork and the determination to never give up. “We may not have the best stick skills in the world, but we have some great athletes, and when we step on the field, it is pure business for these young men. No team will out work us on the field and no team will be in as good of shape as we are. These are the things that get us through games and make sure that in the 4th quarter, we are not tired and can finish games strong.” This holds true every games for Seton, in the final five minutes of their games thus far, the Rebels have put together 15 goals which lead to some interesting endings to some games. One notable game was the first of the year against Vincentian Academy. SLS scored 4 goals in 5 minutes to eventually beat Vincentian in overtime for the first program win.

The men’s lacrosse team is one that exhibits everything that any high school sports team should: hard work, determination, friendship on and off the field, and the desire to want to win. All these aspects of this team are the foundation for what will soon be one of the major lacrosse programs in the entire W.P.I.A.L. With new players coming in and a coach that wants to make them better, this team is no doubt on the rise.

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