SLS Men’s Lacrosse: New Season, New Goals

By: Cory Smigielski

 Last year Seton-La Salle became host to a sport that is growing nationally, and worldwide, as a popular sport, this sport is lacrosse. For those who don’t know, lacrosse is somewhat of a mixture between soccer and hockey. To give further explanation, the field is 110 yards long and the width of a soccer field. You have ten people on the field at a given time, three attack men, three middies, three defensemen, and a goalie. The attack men and the defensemen cannot cross half field, unless someone stays back for them, so it’s not a free-for-all where all nine men can crash one net. Now that we have a basic understanding of the game, let’s meet the team.

In their first year as a program under Coaches Josh Kurz and John Malecki, the Rebels showed potential; however, even they knew it could not be reached that year with only a few players having prior experience in the game. The Rebels had only two wins last year and look to get that in their first two games this year. Coach Josh Kurz remains the head coach of the Rebels, but with the departure of Coach Malecki, even though Kurz was an All-American in high school, more help was needed to be enlisted. The coaching staff now consists of: Josh Kurz, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Bashaw, and Mr. Messina.

Last years team had few leaders, the seniors were all of them, and being that there was only four of them, the Rebels struggled. Despite the record the seniors last year, for the most part, set a solid foundation for the team this year. Led by many seniors spread throughout the starting lineup this year, the Rebels won one of their two scrimmages and won their first regular season game against Vincentian Academy. This years team shows much promise and are improving fast, they are vastly better from last year, and the experience and skills show that. The hard work, determination, skills, and fun they have on the field, are all great signs for a phenomenal upcoming season. The currently undefeated Rebels look to make playoffs this year, in only their second year as a program, and anything short would be a let down.

So come watch your lacrosse team as they battle in a sport of strength, skills, and intelligence on the field.

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