By: Emily Farley

If you are a teenager and have any form of social media, or any social life to be honest, you are probably familiar with the outbreak of new “slang”. Whether you are walking down the hallway and hearing friends talking, checking twitter, or maybe even using these new words, they are in almost every teen’s daily life.

Most of these new words are controversial. Some people say the words are funny and useful, but others say they are dumb and pointless. When high school students were asked what they thought about these words, there were mixed results.

The first term students were asked their opinion on is the brand “Gucci”, which is used in a few ways. First, it can be used to say something is cool such as jewelry or an outfit, or it can be used to say “It’s Gucci” in a way meaning “It’s fine or It’s cool”.

When I asked about this one, a freshman boy, Mike Visnich said, “I actually use this one a lot.”  A group of others said they thought it was dumb and didn’t make much sense to them.

Another term I asked about was the phrase “bae.” Bae is used as a substitute for babe, baby, or even girlfriend or boyfriend, or some suggest it stands for Before All Else. Every girl I asked said it was okay, but they would rather just be called the person’s girlfriend. Almost every boy said they probably use that word over baby, babe, or girlfriend any day. Weird right?

I then asked about the word “nephs”. Some of you may have never heard of this word before, but in many student’s opinion, it is used very often at Seton-La Salle High School. You might use nephs when you are trying to make some believe you, almost in a way saying, I promise or swear. For example you might say “Nephs I’m telling the truth”, or “I got 100 on that test nephs”.

A Sophomore at Seton-La Salle, Bridget Hart, said “It’s kind of dumb, but once you start saying it, it is hard to stop.”

Sophomore Ellie Greffenstette said, “It’s stupid and annoying”.

The last term I asked about was using the word “doe” in the place of though. For example “The class was hard, but I got an A, doe”, or used in a way of saying you like something like “Her shoes, doe.” All of the people I asked said it was annoying.

Jessica Darkowski, a Freshman, said exactly, “I just don’t understand why they can’t say the full word.”

There is no way of eliminating the “stupid” or “useless” slang words. There is no way of even determining which words are dumb or pointless in all reality, because the opinions vary. Each generation of teens has unique slang terms, but eventually a new generation will emerge, and so will new words. So, until then, make sure you keep up with the newest slang terms so you understand what your fellow peers are saying to you – or maybe even what they are saying about you.

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