Sick of Stink Bugs?

All of us look out our windows and realize that we are past the point of no return with these pesky little bugs trying to get in our houses, but maybe with a bit of luck we can try to keep them to a minimum. You can try these pesticide free ways of trying to keep them out of your house.

  • Spraying them with hot sauce.
  • Mixing soap and water solutions together.
  • Spraying them with extra-strength hairspray.

Some people claim that these odd tactics work but most say that they don’t. The true test to getting rid of them is prevention. You should go around every place around your home that would have a crack orthat they could squeeze in and try to seal that area shut, if possible. Most people do not know this but Stink Bugs are attracted to tomatoes. So if you have tomato plants, and bring them inside, make sure that there are no bugs located on the vegetable so that they don’t travel into your home.  Good Luck!!

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