Seton LaSalle Gives Back

By: Dominick Mitchell and Nathan Boland:

The week of December 3rd through the 7th, at Seton-La Salle will be dedicated to giving back to the community. Throughout the week the students will have different items to donate each day. On Monday December the 3rd the students will be donating diapers or other baby products such as baby oil, baby powder, wipes, etc. Those donations will be sent to The Human Coalition in Bethel Park and will be distributed to families of financial need and young parents in the area.

On Tuesday, December the 4th the students will be donating 3 canned goods to donate to the Saint Catherine’s food bank in Beechview. Saint Catherine’s will be donating these items to people who are homeless and are in need of food. We collected 48 full boxes worth of foodearlier  and donated it to the Brookline Community Food Bank. Just those 48 boxes are going to help about 200 families in our area. This is just us wanting to help people not being under a roof for the holidays. Also a group of 25 students went to the Amen to Action Event on Black Friday for the day. This is where we packaged over 1 million meals for the hungry. We along with over 3,000 other people who came together in support of Meals of Hope and the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank. Our group ended up being trainers to help out all the volunteers in our duties for the day. Mrs Mindach says “ This is a very rewarding experience”

On Wednesday, December the 5th the students will have the option to donate a minimum of $2.00 and will be able to dress down. This donation will be given to the Sister’s Place. The Sister’s Place will be giving those donations to families that are homeless and women and children in need. Our last dress down day for $2.00 we collected significant money. We are hoping for another great dress down on Wednesday. On Thursday, December the 6th we will NOT have dress down day. In respect to having reconciliation. Also, last week all of the students wrote notes to many groups around us. Like some of the people who are in the military and others that cannot be with their family during this wonderful Christmas season.

On Friday, December the 7th, We will have a dress down day but we have to donate some sort of winter clothing item. These clothing items or winter items must be new. Due to some other health conditions. This is a great way to help people who are struggling in this brutal cold weather. Throughout this whole week the students were given the opportunity to donate Christmas gifts to children who don’t always get gifts like us.

Each homeroom got to choose to buy gifts for those children. If you were one of the students that took a tag then you had to buy a certain gift that cost a certain amount of money. Mrs. Mindach added that “ It is very important for us to be empathetic during the holiday season during a time of so much celebrating and being with family and friends. There are so many people who need that human interaction or act of kindness so they know that there are people who care. This is a time where we can as St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said, “Do small things with great LOVE.” “

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