Seton-La Salle’s Newest Issue

By: Ryan Kendrick –

There is a new rising epidemic at Seton-La Salle, and it isn’t stress or a bug — it’s PDA (Public Displays of Affection). The student handbook recognizes three different types of PDA, giving more points for the types that are more severe. Lately in the halls, I have seen offenses, from a level 1 -3!  This is unacceptable.  I don’t want to go to a school full of groping couples clogging the hallways.

Over the years our Catholic high school has generally frowned upon this sort of explicit behavior in public, and that was enough to curtail it.  The newest students have yet to really feel the force of the community ‘frowning upon them.’  I suggest we all work to make this happen.  

The student handbook, has me covered:

A one point offense is “Public display of affection, hand to hand contact only.” This rule is essentially exactly what it states– no holding hands in school. Whenever my mother went to this school (yes, we all know this school is ancient,) she was given a detention for holding her boyfriend’s hand, so I think we are getting off a little easy with this one, especially compared to what the rule used to be.

The two point offense is “Public display of affection, beyond hand to hand contact but not suggestive contact.” This one is a little more tricky to decipher, but it can be assumed that overly-friendly hugs, or cuddling, are included.

A three point offense is “Public display of affection, suggestive contact or more pronounced.”  Anddd yeah…  I am not going to explain that– use your imagination.      

Now, I do not know why there has been such a sudden rise in hallway PDA, but it certainly needs to stop. Today, December 21, 2015, I saw four couples canoodling while walking down the halls between 4th and 5th period. That is just not acceptable! Myself, and most people, are fine with couples hanging out by each other’s lockers every period, but when I see couples literally all over each other, and even kissing their partner goodbye between classes; I want to puke.

There are at least 1-2 examples of offending couples from every grade at here at Seton-La Salle; which is disgraceful.  In fact, it a shocking number of students, who we all think might know better, who are canoodling against the limits of school rules, and common decency.

Now I am not saying that we should act like a boarding school and be PDA-nazis. High school is all about discovering yourself, and creating friendships that will last forever. However, if you need to kiss your significant other goodbye after every class, or you’re on top of each other in the halls everyday; it becomes a problem. Not just your problem, but now mine.

Am I going to pick out every person I see in the halls committing these offenses? No. I totally understand the concept of wanting to see “the bae” in between classes and talking to them/goofing off a bit. But, when I see girls in the air because their boyfriend is picking them up in a hug, or people fishing in each other’s mouths, I want to stop it.

Whether it be informing Mr. Joyce about the recent outbreaks of PDA in our school, or personally coming up to you and asking you to cut it, this potentially offensive trend will be ended; by me, Ryan Kendrick… Be warned: I have support.  

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One comment to “Seton-La Salle’s Newest Issue”
  1. Ryan,
    Excellent article! You do a great job of explaining how the PDA that plagues our hallways is destroying the very foundation of not only this school, but the entire Diocese of Pittsburgh. I look forward to reading more articles from you…

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