Seton Games- Beginning of a New Era


By: Faith Kisker- It’s all around us – daily.  Cell phones, Chromebooks, wireless routers pushing data invisibly through the air.  We either take it for granted or treat it like just a tool to complete homework.  Rarely do we think about the innovations required to create the technology.  Rarely do we imagine we could be part of it.

Enter the Computer Technology Club- a group designed to make hardware and software fun, while exploring even more possibilities in the software-related field. In addition to regular meetings experimenting with 3D printers and robots, the club is adding an upcoming tournament to boost excitement and raise money for an upcoming robot-building contest.

This tournament is named the Seton Games. They will be happening after school on December 22nd, the last full day before break, in the auditorium. The admission fee is $5, and there will be snacks, pizza, music, and many different games and game consoles. There is a 5-dollar entrance fee to enter the Mario Kart tournament. The tournament will have a bracket and there will be an amazing prize for the winner.

The Seton Games have been a “long time coming”, says Grayson Kisker, President of Computer Tech Club. He adds that as technology gains momentum at Seton, namely the teachers’ new computers and the STREAM center initiative, students need to not just learn how to use them, but how to have fun with them. Now is the time. Come join the Seton Games on the 22nd and possibly change the future of Seton La Salle. Help us bring the fun back into technology.
Plus, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to totally crush their teachers in Mario Kart?

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