Serving it Up: Seton LaSalle Table Tennis Club

By: Lucas Manion

The Seton LaSalle Table Tennis Club has experienced a great deal of success lately because of the influx of new students who are interested in the club and learning how to play table tennis. When asked about the amount of new students that had come in sophomore Tim Green said “ Having more members means having more diversity in our club, which means beginners can learn faster, which is great.”

The club has gained popularity greatly among many of the freshman and sophomore boys at the school who seem to really enjoy playing the game.

Although the club has a large number of players joining recently, they’re always looking for some new members. Many people say that the reason that they don’t attend the club is because they don’t actually know how to play table tennis. When asked about whether experience is necessary or not, freshman Nick Wigle responded “I had prior experience, but you don’t need any.”

When asked if they practiced regularly for the club, Christian “Gunner” Connor answered “None. I’m just a ping pong wizard.”

Green on the other hand said, “I used to spend about an hour a day practicing until I reached the top of the leaderboard, but now I don’t practice for it anymore.”

The members of the club really seem to enjoy their time that they spend playing and spending time. “Just hitting the ball around with friends is a lot of fun.” Connor answered.

Green responded, “I enjoy playing and spending time with my friends.”

Wigle simply responded “It’s fun.” The general consensus among the members seems to be that everyone enjoys the friendly atmosphere and spending time with friends.

One thing in common with most of the members of the Table Tennis Club is that they realise how much their coach, Mr. Nelson, has done for the club. Connor said “The club has improved because ever since Mr. Nelson became the coach it seems like everyone comes and plays.”

Tim offered a thank you to Mr. Nelson saying “Mr. Nelson thank you for teaching me how to play ping pong and also geometry, that was pretty cool.”

If you’re considering joining the Table Tennis Club at Seton LaSalle, Green offered some very simple advice, “It’s never too late to join, and we have players of all skill levels, don’t even worry if you don’t know how to play at all, everybody starts out as a beginner.”

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