Senior Recognition a Success for the Band

By: Maria Sporcic

On September 28, 2012, the seniors of The Rebel Marching Band, myself included,  performed a special Senior Halftime Show at Baldwin Stadium during the Seton-La Salle versus South Fayette football game.

The band seniors and I had practiced just a few weeks learning new songs and routines chosen and choreographed by ourselves. We got together to make up the routines the way we wanted to be recognized.  All three groups of the band, the senior Rebelettes, the senior Silks, and the senior Musicians all got to be featured on a song chosen by each individual group.

The senior Rebelettes: Emily Columbus, Lauren Gardonis, Jillian Lesaca, Emily Nedzesky, Amanda Soltis, and Maggie Welsh  performed to Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe.’

The seniors Silks: Jessica Muller and Danielle Redinger performed to Apache’s ‘Jump on It.’

The closing song featured the Musicians: Katie Bench, Rebecca DeMarco, Kathleen Dixon, Peter Latorre, Jimmy Lim, Michael Mankos, Lindsey Matesic, Mallory Murphy, Meghan Murphy, Kaylee Sawyer, Christopher Nolen, Maria Sporcic, and Ryan Trivus with ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi.

All the band seniors seemed to have a wonderful time performing together. I asked Lindsey Matesic, Emily Columbus, Ryan Trivus, and Danielle Redinger a few questions to gather their input on our special Senior Halftime Show.

When asked “Do you think the Senior Haltime Show was a success?” Lindsey Matesic, a musician, replied “I think it was a success. It cetainly wasn’t our best show, but all the seniors enjoyed doing it and put in a lot of effort to make it a success.”

Emily Columbus, a Rebelette, said “I believe it was a success! All the seniors worked very hard to make the show the best it could be!”

Next, I asked “What was your favorite song we performed and why?” Danielle Redinger, a Silk, stated “Living on Prayer, I just had so much fun with the ribbons.”

Columbus said “Call Me Maybe! The Senior Rebelettes learned a new dance for this and it was a lot of fun! Also, Call Me Maybe was a very fun song to dance to.”

“I liked getting to work with all the seniors, not just musicians.  We are a big family and I liked being able to work together.” Matesic replied when asked “What did you enjoy most about performing in the Senior Halftime Show?”

Columbus said “It was a tradition that the seniors did every year. I finally had my chance to make and perform in my senior rec show!”

Next, I asked my fellow senior band members “What memories will you take with you from this Senior Halftime Show performance.” Matesic said, “I will always remember the fun that we had putting the show together and being recognized as a senior.”

Redinger replied “Knowing that everyone was watching me and saying how lucky she is to be a senior and just knowing it was my time to shine for a minute.”

Lastly, when asked “In your own words, sum up what the Senior Halftime Show meant to you.” Matesic said “This show commemorated the effort and time that the seniors put into band as well as the memories and friendships that we have made over the years.”

Columbus said “It was all the seniors getting recognized for being in the band for years and dedicating a lot of time and energy into the band!” Although the seniors of the band had only a few weeks to put together their senior show, by my fellow senior’s responses, the 2012 Senior Halftime Show was clearly a success. It was a show that will be in the band senior’s memories forever!

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