Security and Safety at Seton LaSalle

By: Emily Figliolia

One of the main jobs of every school is to ensure the safety of their students. Safety measures include security cameras and guards, student ID’s, and various protocols in case of emergency. Seton LaSalle has all of these measures implemented, helping to ensure the safety of the students, faculty, and school.
Lanyards are a key tool of identifying people in the building throughout the day. Michael Joyce, the Dean of Students, says that all schools are moving in the direction towards having them. Not just high schools, but colleges are pushing the ID’s because of how many people are on campus.

“It was a work in progress to begin with, but after a few years it’s becoming a habit of the dress code which will continue.” Mrs. Caves, the 11th and 12th grade guidance counselor also says, “I like the idea of the lanyards for identifying people, however, they sometimes get in the way. A possible alternative is an ID photo that clips onto your shirt that isn’t so much in the way.”
Another issue is identifying visitors who enter the school. Our main office already has a sign in sheet and name badges for the visitors. However, the school can do a better job with guests and realizing that the door can’t always be opened for someone, even though it’s courteous. “We also need to instill the importance of security precautions to younger students like not propping open doors as an example,” Mr. Joyce comments.
Lastly, one of the main focuses on safety is executing fire lock down drills. The Pennsylvania School Code requires schools to conduct fire drills no less than once per month. “We even conduct fire drills in the summer, when there might just be staff in the building,” Mr. Joyce says.

The lock down drills, on the other hand, aren’t performed as often, but usually occur every 6 months. Mrs. Caves’ says, “We should have more lock down drills. The faculty did in service with Mount Lebanon Police Department on how the faculty should react and lock their doors.” Even though we might not think that security is important or needed as often, it does help in case of emergencies.

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