Secure the Bag

By: Haley Johnson

Secure the bag. Anyone who follows a Seton LaSalle football player on social media or pays attention to morning announcements has absolutely heard this phrase. Many have wondered, what exactly is the meaning behind it? Basically, for the football team, “Secure the bag” means winning in every aspect of their play and achieving that by each and every player doing their job. It is their motto. They have the mindset that they are not going to let anyone take what is rightfully theirs, a victory.

The team carries a physical briefcase with the words “Money in the Bank” on it. This is another of their many ways of saying winning. Two Fridays ago, October 27, the team had their ninth game of the regular season against Seton LaSalle’s rival, Keystone Oaks. During the game that night, the Keystone Oaks student section was seen with the briefcase, holding it up and throwing it amongst themselves. There are even pictures to prove it. Rumor is that a Keystone Oaks student snuck into the Rebel locker room and stole the briefcase.

Mr. Bill Dibaldo, Seton LaSalle’s athletic director, was pictured speaking with the athletic director from Keystone Oaks, who was carrying the briefcase. He went over to the student section, asked for the briefcase, and returned it to Seton LaSalle.

When asked, Mr. Dibaldo and others said that this prank was just for fun, but some football players were quite upset over the matter.

Lionel Deanes, a senior, said, “Nothing is fun about getting the briefcase taken… Even now, I don’t find it funny.”

So, what is inside the briefcase? The truth is that no one will ever really know.

According to Coach Carter, “It is none of anyone’s business.  Only George Mike IV (senior) knows for he is the keeper of the bag.”

The team has done a great job of “securing the bag” this season. They are currently training for the second week of playoffs after having a big win over Freeport. Good luck to the boys as they continue to secure the bag.

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One comment to “Secure the Bag”
  1. “The team has done a great job of securing the bag this season”???????
    Obviously they haven’t since they let Keystone Oaks steal the darn thing…….

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