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By: Cassidy Trautman –

Succeeding in school is crucial for the majority of students to have a bright future. But what happens when things get busy? We all get stuck in a position of prioritizing events that are hard to choose between. It seems almost impossible to keep a balanced schedule between our extra-curricular activities and school. To top it all off colleges look to accepting students with a well rounded life. However there is a way to make things easier. With a combination of common study tactics and tips from other students, we can all be one step closer to success.

It all starts with homework. One of the easiest ways to maintain a good grade is to do your homework and do it right. “Keep motivated.”, says Chase Trautman, a senior at Central Catholic High School, “Do your homework as soon as you get home from school or a practice so that later in the night you have time for yourself.”

Taking good notes and listening well in class can help you to complete your homework faster resulting in more left over time. But don’t forget studying. Tests are a large percentage of your grade and are not worth failing. Sometimes after doing bad on one test it is really hard to get your grade back up. You end up spending the rest of the quarter/semester under extreme stress.

Don’t lose hope! There are ways to make studying easier. One of the most common includes making note cards. A student from Our Lady of Grace, Isabella Sitarik says, “Use pen instead of pencil so it doesn’t rub off as easy. This way you can save chapter notecards for semester exams.” It also saves time. And if you don’t like handwriting note cards there are hundreds of websites or apps that allow you to type the same text in.

If you are reading this and nothing seems to be helping or you have already tried all of the above, the next step would be to discover what type of learner you are. There are three most common: auditory, visual, and tactile. Each one has their own way of grasping topics the easiest. Auditory learners learn easiest when they listen to things. If this fits your personality try listening to audio-textbooks or recording yourself reading from your textbook and listen to it later.

Visual learners learn best by looking at things. “I’m visual.”, says another student from Our Lady of Grace named Cameron Trautman, “The easiest way for me to study and learn is by looking at diagrams and sometimes highlighting important sections of my notes.”

And lastly, a tactile learner is able to learn the best when they participate in hands on activities. If this applies to you, try studying in a group or kicking a ball while looking over flashcards. The ideas are endless once you identify your learning style.

Each and every student has a different way of learning. If you have taken every tip from the students mentioned in this article and they have not worked for you, the next best thing to do is to find a tutor or seek academic support. Here at Seton-La Salle there is a great academic support program that can help you get your grade to where it needs to be. Don’t wait, start now!


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