Rocksmith Review

Rocksmith is a new and revolutionary game that allows people to learn how to play the actual guitar. The game is available on on the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC. The full version of the game cost about $200 and comes with a real, fully functioning, Gibson Epiphone junior model guitar, complete with a user guide, amplifier cable and 2 picks. The game also has hundreds of songs on it. Ranging from The Rolling Stones, to Lynard Synard. The game also comes out with new downloadable content (DLC) every 2 weeks. It also has many minigames that teach the guitarist the different frets and how to bend the strings. The game does not have any multiplayer, but it does have 2 player co-op. for anyone who is looking for a fun game and is also willing to put in a lot of time to learning guitar, this game literally has no competition.

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