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Crew Team

 Did you know that Seton –La Salle has a cooperating crew team through Three Rivers Rowing? We at the Rebel Report were lucky enough to get an interview with one of its members, Ashley Saba.

Q: What is crew?

A: Crew is 8 people in a boat rowing in complete harmony.


Q: Are you accepting new members?

A: Yes, we are.


Q: How do you join?

A: Email our coach at


Q: What time is practice and what season?

A: Practice is all year round, but you do not have to row every season. Practice is 4-6:30 every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Saturdays it is 8:30- 11.


Q: What is your uniform like?

A: It is a uni- suit.


Q: How does it work in the winter?

A: We run, weight lift, and go on the erg (erg is an indoor rowing machine)


Q: How many people are on the team?

A: 9 novices (beginners), 40 varsity girls, and 20 varsity boys


Q: How do meets/ competitions work?

A: We have races inPittsburgh, Columbus, New Jersey, and Cincinnati. We travel up Friday, stay in a hotel, race Saturday and come home late Saturday.


Q: Where does it take place?  

A: We row out of Washington Landing on the Allegheny.


Q: How many people are in the boat?

A: 8 rowers and 1 coxswain (the coxswain steers & motivates)


Q: When did Seton –La Salle get a crew team?

A: Seton doesn’t have one. We row with Three Rivers Rowing and Seton –La Salle just recognizes us.


Q: Why did you get involved?

A: My brother started when he was a freshman and got me involved my 8th grade year.


Q: What is the course? (Distance/ miles)

A: The courses vary. In the fall we face 6000m and in the spring we race 2000m.

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