Rebels Get Robbed

By: Zoe Baumcratz

The coach of the Seton- La Salle boys soccer team, Ryan Kelly, sent out a controversial tweet after the team’s devastating loss against Brockway in the state playoffs. This was the team’s twelfth time competing in the PIAA tournament and their third consecutive year.

At this game, the players and the coaches were very upset about the calls that the referees were making and many claimed that they would have won the game if it had not have been for the incorrect calls. Everyone involved reacted in a different way than they had when they had lost in previous games.

Earlier in the season, Senior Cullen Vereb said, ”Our team suffered some tough results throughout the season. Tying Canevin, and losing to Monessen, Chartiers Valley, and Springdale was unfortunate but we responded well. I️ don’t think some teams could respond as well as we did”

When I asked Mark Mitchell (12) and Allen, they both explained how the Rebels were winning the game 1-0 at halftime. The Brockway Rovers and Seton’s Rebels both scored again within a few minutes which allowed the score to be 2-1 Seton. After this is when the controversy began. According to a few of the player on the team, a penalty kick was called and allowed Brockway to tie the game.

According to Senior Captain Michael Allen, “less than five minutes after Brockway tied the game the referees called a free kick and allowed Brockway to win the game.”

However, the team did not respond very well to the outcome of this game. Even the coach was outraged by what had happened and is said to have flipped one of the benches on the sidelines.

Immediately after the game, he tweeted from the official boys soccer account and received many replies about how he had reacted during the game.

The tweet read, “Rebels get absolutely robbed by @PIAASports officials, lose 2-3 to Brockway. No control of game and no consistency. Embarrassment.”

Even after receiving replies about his unnecessary reaction with the flipping of the bench, the coach continued to tweet about it saying that “Brockway/referees- 3 Seton LaSalle- 2” Many people continued to respond to this tweet saying that it was not the referee’s fault they lost the game, but rather poor sportsmanship.

When asked how he felt about the outcome of the game Senior Kaleb Krebs said, “It wasn’t positive.”


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