Rebel Christmas List

By: Crystal Joyce –

Everyone makes a Christmas list this time of  year  and there are some hot items on the top of these list for SLS students. With the new versions of game consoles and electronic devices, you have to wonder: what  tops the Rebel student’s list this year? We asked Seton-La Salle students, and looked to find what other people think, are the top gifts this holiday season. As teens get older it becomes harder to find what to buy them. Now you will have an idea with the top 5 gifts to buy your teen and where to get these amazing gifts.

The top 5 gifts on the Seton-La Salle Christmas list are:

  1. Clothes- Sometimes its easier to take your teen out to their favorite clothing store and letting them buy what they like or to pick up what you think they would wear. And if they do not like it they can return it and get in store credit to pick what they want,

  2. Money/Gift Cards- Sometimes it is best to let them decide. Giving money or a gift card is a gift they can use now or later. They can also use it to buy something they did not get for christmas.

  3. Beauty Products- For the girls, beauty is key and buying them something they will use and makes them look good is always a good gift.

    Sporting Goods- Everyone that plays a sport would not mind something to add on and help them out. Or if they have hobbies like hunting, skiing, or snowboarding, that would be perfect.

  4. Apple Products- The top tech gifts are made by apple, Right now no one is gonna complain if they get an iPhone or iPad this holiday season.

A top gift that did not make the list is the Xbox One, that many people waited outside on Black Friday for this one.

Some students took a different path for the Christmas gifts suggestions,  like Ryan Milcarek a senior, who said, “I want a pony.”

Eric Schneider, also a senior, said “Peace on Earth.”

Some students like Jordan Bon, a junior, said “ Making a list is an on- going tradition, mainly for young kids.”

On the other side of the question, Milcarek said, “I made one (a list) because my family asks everybody to and I started when I was a little kid.”

Top List Online:

Tech Gift:

Beauty Products:

Sporting Goods for Him:

Gift Cards:


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