Rebel Cheer 2012

By: Taylor Gray and Marissa Pazik

As everyone knows the cheerleaders are the leaders of school spirit. This school year our school has been up for many respectable awards, including the spirit award. Seton-La Salle takes much pride in our school spirit and everyone needs to participate in helping reach our maximum school spirit. We have an amazing fan section for the football games, but we really need to take that spirit beyond friday nights. We would like to see great turn outs at the other sporting events, such as soccer and volleyball. As a school, we really pulled through with voting this week and we need to continue this great strength. By voting, you can really show your school and sports teams how much their value is to the school.

The cheerleaders spread school spirit throughout the season various ways.  We kick-off the football season by decorating the boy’s locker room with streamers, balloons,  and candy.  This is the same day as the fall pep-rally to kick off the sport season. During the week of senior-rec, we decorate the senior football and cheerleader houses.  We also paint signs for each individual senior football player, band member, rebelette, silk, and cheerleader. Sign painting is a huge way that we can show our school spirit with catchy phrases.  This past week for the Keystone Oak’s game, we made a sign that said, “Eagles can’t fly when it’s BLACK OUT”. We try to motivate the student body and enhance school spirit the most during SPIRIT WEEK.  During spirit week we decorate every senior’s locker who plays a fall sport.  Senior Recognition  is a great way for seniors to get recognized strictly for being a senior and making it through high school.

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