Rebel Boys Lacrosse

By: Robert Lomire

The boy’s lacrosse team is entering in its fourth year as a team this season. They have had great strides in improving the team from going to a winless first season to making an appearance in the playoffs last year. They beat their rival team the Baldwin Highlanders to get a bid into the playoffs, it was a short playoff run with a lost against Hampton, who went on to win WPIAL. Even with the loss, the team now hopes to join in Seton La – Salle’s winning tradition. Last year they  had three WPIAL awards going to Kevin Hudson (Goalie), Dom Maggs (Defense), and Coach Kurz. Many people around the league are looking forward to see what the program will produce this year.

The previous years the Rebels were leaded behind the guidance of Coach Kurz but recently he had to step down as Head Coach of the program. It took awhile to find a new coach to lead the team but finally they found Coach Yates. Coach Yates is from Baltimore, attended a Catholic based high school, went on to play lacrosse at Maryland, and has some coaching experience with local Pittsburgh travel lacrosse teams.

The team has lost a lot of key and supporting players on the lacrosse team due to graduation. Six players graduated in 2012 that were there from the beginning of the program and Coach Kurz, first coach, will be gone. There are only two seniors left that made up the blueprints for the first year lacrosse team. Even though there are only two senior left from the beginning, many others have joined the team to add to the team. Seniors that have made a great impact such as Brendan Donovan, who joined his junior year, will have experience to pass on to freshmen.

Since the lacrosse team made the playoffs last year in only their third year as a program, it started a lot of talk around the league. This year, unlike the rest, there are high expectations that the team will have a successful season. With leadership under their new coaches and leading seniors, it seems that there is a bright future for the lacrosse team.

When Brendan Donovan was asked about the high expectations of the team this year, he said “High expectations lead to great disappointment… with hard work comes great success.”

The new Coach Yates said during a lacrosse team classroom session, “Offense wins games but defense wins championships.” He has high hopes of this team going far this year.

Junior Liam McLane came away with, “If you look in the gym there is no boys lacrosse banner…. we want to be able to win section for our seniors.”

The boys’ lacrosse team came up short last year when trying to win section with some close game losses. They are a part of Division 2, Section 2 this year.

They start the season off on March 22 against Greensburg Central Catholic.  This is on a Friday under the lights game which is a great way to start of the season. The regular season consist of over 15 games beginning march 22nd extending to May 8th.

Due to the short amount of time they have to play these games, they have three games a week at times. If the lacrosse team makes the playoffs then it will even extend even further, so far, in fact, that the senior players will have already graduated.

The lacrosse team seems to do better when there is a crowd behind them in big games. So they hope that the student body will come out and cheer the team on as they work to make another playoff run. Their number one goal is to get a banner in the gymnasium for winning sections or even winning WPIAL (For Division 2 there are no State Playoffs). Come out and cheer the boys and even the girls lacrosse team as they put in hard work to contribute to Seton La – Salle’s winning tradition.

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