Rebel Boys Basketball

By: Markus Nones –

It is that time of the year again. You all know I’m talking about the basketball season starting! There has been a lot of anticipation for this years boy’s basketball season after their successful season last year going an impressive 21-3 including the playoffs. Our Rebels are looking to avenge their loss in the playoffs last year to Quaker Valley.

Levi Masua said about the loss, “Losing a game that we shouldn’t have lost really drives us as players to do even better this season.“

Their 2013-2014 season looks bright with three returning starters in Levi Masua, Dale Clancy, and Malik White. They will be missing senior Dom DelGreco with an ACL injury, but filling his place will be his cousin, Junior, Christian DelGreco. Also in the team’s rotation is David Boehme, Ryan Norkus, Tommy Rizza, Andrew Rodgers, and Cletus Helton.

Levi and David both spoke about their season this year and they are very excited. David said that their biggest rivals in their section will be Brentwood and Washington High.

When asking who their biggest rival will be this season Levi said, “Our biggest opponent this year is going to be ourselves, we can definitely beat anybody that we play but anybody we play can beat us too.”

The confidence shown by the team leads us to believe that this is going to be a very promising basketball season. We wish the best to our Rebels and hope that they take it all this year


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