Rebel Baseball

By: Sam Kostyak

Baseball starts up around the end of March and the beginning of the April where the Rebels plan on at least winning their section this year due to last year’s unfortunate section loss.  This season the Rebels plan to take it as far as they can this year with very few seniors on the team.  The seniors this year include Andrew Staiger, Minsoo Park, Brett Dadig, and myself, Sam Kostyak.  The head coach is Shawn Trainor and he plans to lead the Rebels to section victory this season.

Last year, the Rebels’ Baseball broke .500 with more wins than losses.  However, this was not enough to seal a place for them in the playoffs.  This year, they plan to have some open gyms and a couple scrimmages before the season begins so that they will be ready when the regular season comes along.  However, they also lost many of the seniors that led the team last year including Alex Borofski, Jay Moog, Matt Jacovino, and Kevin Hart.  The captains have a significant impact on each and every game every year.  They led the team as captains and contributed to the team every game.  This year, the seniors plan on taking those roles as captains and taking the Rebels even further this season.

When asked why he thinks he is a leader on the team, Brett Dadig stated, “I’ve been with the team for four years and we always have each other’s backs, and as a captain, I can help the team even more.”

Another captain, Andrew Staiger, was asked why he liked to play baseball.  He responded by saying, “I like baseball overall but I like playing with this team even more.”

Long time Rebel coach Trainor, said, “Well, hopefully better than last season.  We have a group of guys that listen and are confident.”  Seton-La Salle sports have always been recognized throughout Pittsburgh, and even Pennsylvania.  The captains hope that this year they can make a name for this team as well.

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