Rebel Band Excited to Show School Spirit

While most of us are showing off our school spirit by cheering for our friends and athletic teams, the Rebel Band is getting ready to show their school spirit at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Many of the musicians are  extremely eager to perform, as Katie Bench tells us “I’m really excited to represent Seton with the gift of music in front of thousands of people.” Breana Piaggesi is also “excited to be in this parade because it’s an exciting experience to be a part of all the people in Pittsburgh getting together in this parade!”

Justin Payne is not just looking forward to the parade, but overflowing with school pride as he says “Doing the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a good thing because it just does not show how one person can march, dance, or play an instrument; but it also shows that the school can work together in one big group and represent it proudly.”

However, the band also likes having an opportunity to “have fun and entertain the people,” as Paula Shinko says. With this in mind many of the band members are looking forward to the upcoming spring concert. Natalie Kist is can’t wait because it “should be great this year! I heard that the chorus is going to do some neat pieces as well.”

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