Proud to be an American

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By: Sarah Farnan

Earlier this week, America passed on its torch of power to a new president, Donald J. Trump. President Obama graciously handed over the power to his old political foe and then jetted off for a Palm Springs vacation. Although, many Americans supported Donald Trump, many did not. In fact, in 2016 alone, I heard more people say “I hate America” than ever before. There were riots, flag burnings, window smashings, car flippings, and many more acts of hatred. While people held signs saying “Love trumps hate”, they watched their fellow Americans destroy small businesses, buildings, and other public places in hysteria (1). So why am I proud to be an American? I’ll tell you…

With Donald Trump being declared our 45th President, it marks one of the many times that our Presidents have peacefully passed on their power. President Obama, dutifully passed on his power to a man who for the past 2 years voiced disdain for his policies, an action for which I have tremendous respect. Never before have we had to physically pry the White House out of the hands of a President, and hopefully we never will.  Our country has been a model for other countries’ democracy. Hopefully, we will continue this model for the future.

During an election where divisive rhetoric was constantly used, Americans fearlessly voted for two unpopular, outspoken presidential candidates. Many Americans who voiced their support for Donald Trump were called “xenophobic, misogynistic, racist, Islamophobic, or sexist”, and were eventually called “deplorables”.(2) With that being said, Hillary Clinton supporters were often called “entitled or dramatic”. Despite abuse and ad hominem attacks mudslinging in both directions, Americans bravely voiced their free speech and their voting rights and chose a president.

The Rust Belt which includes Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Indiana, voted in favor of Donald Trump, helping him to win the electoral college. These people, who are family members of coal miners, factory workers, small business owners, and other blue collar jobs, pushed Donald J. Trump to a presidential victory.  This election gave a voice to the millions of Americans, who for years have been overlooked by Washington politicians who made millions of dollars of money off their back.(3) Many Americans now feel that their voices are finally heard.

This election marks a huge victory for the American people. For years, they have suffered as career politicians dominated the political stratosphere in Washington. These politicians have worked more as salesmen than the representatives they were elected to be. They made millions of dollars off the backs of everyday Americans. Five out of the ten of the wealthiest counties in America are in the area surrounding Washington, DC (World Atlas). With the richest county being Loudoun County, the county that holds Dulles Airport, or D.C.’s airport. This shows the affluence that career politicians and government bureaucrats have gained from D.C.’s political marketplace. Donald Trump has never been a politician before. He was an American businessman who managed to run a campaign. He hasn’t spent twenty years in Washington, DC. His life has not been built by being elected for public office. This election marks the end of an era, an era where you had to be in Washington for many years before having any credibility, it ended  the era of career politicians. It marks the end of an era of lies and unfulfilled promises. It begins an era of true democracy, where your morals and beliefs aren’t sold as a politician. It marks the beginning of an era where super-PACs, lobbyists and the establishment do not rule; the people rule.  

Our military gives me hope in America’s future., no matter who is in charge, whether it’s President Obama or President Trump. America has the strongest military in the world. No matter who is in charge, the people who make up America’s military are America’s gold. They are the real heroes in this country; forget the celebrities, I have more respect for a United States Marine than I will ever have for someone who falls under the celebrity category. People have given up their livelihood and luxuries, to protect and serve this country, which is no easy task. American soldiers are spending their twenties in isolated, wartorn countries, while many other people their age need “safe spaces” because someone else has opposing political views.(4) Unfortunately, a U.S army cadet can not have “cry-in” while fighting ISIS. These men and women are the pride of America. As the Bible says, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13).  These men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice, for the past 200 years, for the sake of this country. We should be grateful and respect these men and women and the country and democracy they fought for. As someone who has a brother in the Marines, it pains me that people aren’t grateful for these sacrifices.

America is the prime example of why capitalism works. America, in the past 200 years, has been able to do more than any other country has been able to do in 1000 years. Our citizens have invented the lightbulb, the computer, electricity, the practical airplane, and other innovative inventions. We built skyscrapers that reached the highest heights, railroads that stretched across the width of a continent, and we raised citizens who found cures for diseases such as Polio. We built roadways, interstates, and freeways.

Our country is made up of courageous and strong people. When terrorists knocked down the World Trade Centers, we stood together and made those cowards wish they were dead. We killed Osama Bin Laden. We defeated Hitler. We overtook Saddam Hussein. We are undefeated in two World Wars. We stood up to a bullying Soviet Union. We have Navy Seals. We were the first to step foot on the moon. Our small army of revolutionaries, armed with farm tools and rifles, took on a country with a dominant Army and Navy, and won. Our nation of rejected immigrants, is now a nation with men and women willing to die trying to cross into our country, a “Promised Land”.. We raised Amelia Earhardt, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Susan B. Anthony, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, and countless other heroes. When the Challenger disaster occurred, we didn’t give up on the space program, we tried again and again. When terrorists bombed the Boston Marathon, we came back the next year, held that marathon, and ran better than ever. When ISIS tried to induce fear in our hearts by slaughtering POWs on camera, we stood up, ready to give them a fight, and gave them hell. When we traveled to the Olympics this summer, we didn’t just perform, we dominated, with 121 medals won, including 46 gold medals. We proved to Adolf Hitler that there is no such thing as a superior race when Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals at the 1936 Olympic games. We taught the World. We shocked the world. We changed the World.  

I love this country, if you can’t already tell. I believe the greatest gift I have ever been given is to be born into this country. I believe the democracy, free speech, freedom of religion, and of press is a tremendous privilege. Despite any previous hostility you may have towards Donald Trump, he is our rightful president. (5) He won. No complaining will change that. No riot will change that.


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