PowderPuff Football

By: Megan Richards

It is commonly known that there is a girls’ football game called powderpuff against the seniors and juniors every year. This is a very popular event. A majority of the seniors and juniors participate, families join, and the students create their own fan section.


Every year in recent memory, except for one, the seniors have always claimed the victory. There is always a lot of tension between the classes, especially when it’s a tradition for seniors to win. This year, there has been more tension than usual. Many of the senior girls don’t get along with the junior girls and the juniors feel the same. This created a huge rivalry weeks before the game even occurred. It was believed that there would be possibly bickering and fights on the field. Although this gave off negative energy for the upcoming game, it got the whole school pumped and gave the girls a huge audience. Benjamin Schrader, the senior powderpuff coach, stated via game that many of the juniors came up to him and told him that they were very determined to win. He told the seniors that they should not underestimate the younger team and to play hard.

Schrader was asked about his thoughts on his own team’s potential and hopes on the IMG_6648game’s outcome. He said “The seniors are very confident in themselves. They’ve put a lot of thought into this game and are well prepared. I think that they’re going to the crush the juniors and I have a lot of faith in them. Everyone needs to remember to be classy on the field and have a great time.”

Both teams put a lot of thought into their uniforms and preparation for the game. A majority of the girls were seen with paint of their body or faces and matching bandanas in their hair. Everyone got excited for the game and had a lot of fun with it. The seniors made quite an entrance by running through a huge banner to start off the game.

Although having fun is a huge part of powderpuff, the game was taken very seriously. Every girl was very invested into the game, on or off the field. Opponents got aggressive with each other, but fortunately there was no major injuries. In the end, the seniors traditionally won 26-8. Seniors Naje Gibson, Yacine Diop, and Toni Torchia made touchdowns. Junior Tomasina Arrigo also scored.

Despite the fun game every year, there are always similar complaints. Many girls feel as though they don’t get enough play time and some players are favorited over others. There has always been a huge debate on whether the teams should just play only the good players and have a more likely chance of winning, or giving everyone equal playing time and not having nearly as good as a chance of beating the other team.

This has been a huge issues because some girls care more about taking the game seriously and winning, while others argue that they paid to play and should get a fair amount of playing time. The players also understand that you can’t make everyone happy so just get out there and have a great time no matter the outcome.



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