Player Profile: Scott Orndoff

By: Scott Schrier

Sport: football
Position(s): Tight end / Defensive end
Team: Seton – La Salle Rebels
Height: 6 foot 6 inches
Weight: 250 lbs
College Recruit Status: The University of Pittsburgh

Recently a trend has become popular among division one college recruits. Many highly sought after high school recruits, mainly football players, are taking extra classes during their senior year in order to graduate after their first semester of their senior year. They then can choose to enroll in the University they have been accepted to and will begin their classes in the spring of their graduation year. These students are known as “Green shirt freshman”. The name was given as an adaptation on the term “Red shirt freshman”. The color green is used, green meaning go, to show these students are going to college early.

Today I was given the opportunity to sit down with Seton – Lasalle’s top recruit, starting tight end Scott Orndoff. Scott is one of the  division one prospects planning to leave high school early in order to spend the spring working out with their future teams. Orndoff has “doubled up” on many of his classes this year so that he can have the necessary credits to graduate after the first semester of this, his, senior year. I asked Orndoff a few questions  to find out how he has gotten to where he is, what he is up to now, and where he is going in the near future.

Question 1: What university will you be attending in the fall of next year?
Answer: The University of Pittsburgh

Q2: What attracted you most to Pitt?
A: “The coaching staff, as well as the close proximity to home and family.”

Q3: At the moment you have only made a soft verbal commitment to Pitt, are there any other schools on your mind?
A: “Not anymore, but junior year I was in contact with Michigan, Virginia, WVU, and Wisconsin.”

Q4: You made the all state team last year as a junior, what are you doing to make that list again?
A: “Hard work, focusing on my position as a tight end over that of a defencive end.”

Q5: You are leaving Seton – La Salle after the first semester of this year, what are the advantages of leaving early?
A: “Most students have to wait till the summer to work out with their team. Leaving early gives me the opportunity to spend most of my time working out with Pitt without high school work slowing me down.”

Q6:  What is your favorite moment of your sports career?
A: “That’s a tough one, but if I had to choose one, it would have to be beating South Fayette to win the conference championship last year.

Q7:  Who in sports do you most admire?
A: “Well I’m going to have to say Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots, since I try to model my game after him.”

Q8:  Where do you see yourself in ten years?
A: “I hope to be in the prime of my football career, playing professionally somewhere.”

Best of Luck to Scott!

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