By: Bethany Lewis

Driving down the PA Turnpike

Radio playing “There You Are”

Mom and dad in the front seats

Eating cheese and crackers on the way to New Jersey

American Diaries book in my hand

As we head into the tunnel, the radio fades out

Skip forward

Singing and dancing with my sisters

“Come On Over” comes on the radio

I grab my sister off her bed

Spinning in circles with her

While she complains about the song being played too much

Skip forward

Leaning back in the airplane seat

Completely over my nervousness about it

Airplane mix playing “Could Not Ask For More”

Paper and pencil on the tray in front of me

Staring out the window

Not in a big hurry to get to California

Just enjoying the ride

Skip forward

Getting in the car after…somewhere

(Anniversary party? Bike ride?)

Glad to relax in the air conditioning

Library book is missing-

Or maybe just on the floor

Scoop it up, relieved, flip it open

As “Laredo” comes on the radio

Skip forward

“Where You Are” begins for the umpteenth time

Start talking so they’ll forget to change the CD

Squashed in the rental van’s backseat

On an English highway

Driving to London

Are we there yet?

Skip forward

Laying on my bed

Starting a new story on my new laptop

While my radio plays on a new station

And a song called “In Your Eyes” comes on

And I stop what I’m doing to look it up

Because it’s just that good

Skip forward

Backseat of the van

Reading over the letter yet again

To the background music of “Wild at Heart”

Because I can’t believe it-

My story finaled

And maybe, just maybe, it’ll…


We’re almost home

I roll up the earbuds

And tuck the little device in my purse

To some it may look like an ipod

To me, it’s a box of memories

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